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The Big Picture Mindset



The Big Picture Mindset

The Big Picture Mindset to Be Your Own Boss.

Don’t waste time on skeptics or pessimists.🤫 They will NOT succeed in running an online business or any other similar endeavor.🧐 They do not possess the qualities of a winner (this includes “rocking-chair advisors” who talk and talk, seem to know all the answers, but never act).😉 

Online businesses should not be interpreted as a “get rich quick” scheme. We see so many ads promising millions in a month, and that appeals to our dreams, right? There is nothing wrong with having dreams of being a millionaire. Dreams, however, should be realistic, if we are to pursue them.

The lecturer Manly P. Hall was a master in all the aspects of mental/spiritual development. There are many desires, habits and thinking-patterns that seem harmless yet chained us, limiting our true potential. When one is pursuing self-mastery (The Big Picture Mindset) it is crucial to learn the skills to handle them properly. Active effort is always the key to seeing the big picture.

Manly P. Hall shares his brilliant insight on the subject with this lecture.

In order to get an accurate picture of where you are and where you’re going, you need to step back periodically and take a higher-level look. We can get so caught-up in our daily to-do’s and routines that we forget about our long-range goals, and the rewards that await us there.

Our success is certainly defined by The Big Picture Mindset

“The big picture is simply the entirety of what you’re doing – your ultimate goal and how it relates to everything around it. I like to think of it as an aerial view of your business over a span of time, answering that age-old question: where do you see yourself in five years? 10 years? 20? (Alyssa Gregory – 12 Ways to Think “Big Picture” and Why You Should Bother);

In the same way, words of those we like to quote can help us establish The Big Picture Mindset.

I’m rather partial to quotes

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.”

— Winston S. Churchill

“It is better to fail in originality than to succeed in imitation.”

— Herman Melville

“The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.”

— Colin R. Davis

“Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.”

— Henry David Thoreau

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

— Chris Grosser

“Don’t be afraid to give up the good to go for the great.”

–John D. Rockefeller

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Solomon Greenlee

Solomon Greenlee –
Specialty in Marketing & Team Building

The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes Beginners Make

The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes

The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes Beginners Make

Fixing The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes Beginners Make allows you to send highly targeted visitors to your website whenever you want.

Launching a new product?

Send thousands of targeted visitors to your landing page with just one email. All of whom are ready to buy what you are selling with their wallets open.

Published a new post on your blog?

Send thousands of readers who are hungry to consume your content with just one email. If you have an email list, none of your blog posts will go unread.

The benefits of having a big, engaged email list are AWESOME. Yet getting to ten thousand email subscribers is hard.

Actually getting to a thousand email subscribers is hard.

The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes Beginners Make – Makes It Even Harder.


It can get even harder if you are making these mistakes I am about to share.

If you are making any of these mistakes, don’t worry. You can fix them all in less than a day.

Before we get started, if you have just started building your email list, check our Report, The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes

So, if you are ready, let’s dive in:

Just One Call To Action

Here’s the deal:

Slapping an opt-in form in the sidebar of your blog isn’t going to work.

This is a mistake most beginners make, they offer just one opt-in form on their pages.

If you want people to hit the subscribe button, you need to offer them multiple chances.

What do I mean by that?

In addition to your blog sidebar, be creative and place opt-in forms at places where they will grab the reader’s attention.

Want to get your creative juices flowing?

Here are a few places where you should try placing an opt-in form:

A Featured Box

Want to grab your reader’s attention?

Grab it before they even start reading your content. The best way to do it is with a featured box. A featured box is simply an opt-in form (box) you place right below the header.

Here’s an example from Be Your Own Boss:



Can you see how hard it is to ignore that featured box?


If someone is reading your content you already have their attention.

This is the perfect opportunity to ask them to sign up.


The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes

The above screenshot is from The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes. This site places opt-in forms strategically in-between the content. These opt-in forms might break the reading flow but gain the reader’s attention. There is no way this in-content call-to-action can go unnoticed.

After Content

When a reader finishes reading your article, one of these is possible:

  • They liked the content and want to know more about you…
  • or they want to leave a lovely comment.

Whatever the reason, you can use this opportunity to grab their attention and go for the ask.

Here’s a great example from GetResponse:

Footer Content

I know, your site’s footer is the last place people look at. But it can help you grab a visitor’s attention.

GetResponse. Email Marketing

The above screenshot from GetResponse is a good example of a footer opt-in form. An opt-in form in the footer of your website won’t double your email list growth overnight. But it will give your readers an additional chance to subscribe.

Using a Generic Offer


A generic offer like “Start Getting My Free Newsletter” doesn’t offer the visitor an incentive to join your email list.

Want people to subscribe to your email list?

Give them a good reason.

While a generic offer is much better than no offer at all, you can always spice it up and improve your conversion rate.


Use an enticing offer that your readers can’t say no to. For example, if you are in the fitness industry, try using an offer similar to “Sign Up For My Exclusive Weight Loss Tips.”

Now, in this example, you are not doing anything special. You are still asking the readers to subscribe to your email list. But this time you are offering some value.

Here are a few more examples:

  • Get My Best [Industry] Tips Delivered To Your Inbox
  • Sign Up For My Exclusive [Industry] Tips

Not Offering a Juicy Lead Magnet

Want to skyrocket your email list growth?

Start offering a lead magnet. A lead magnet is simply a bonus you offer your readers for subscribing.

Don’t know what a lead magnet is?

Check out this lead magnet Looking for a New Job? Stop! offer on their website:


Affiliate Marketing Ideas   ​

Their audience consists of affiliate marketers looking to up their conversion rate. This lead magnet offers exactly what their target audience wants.

If you want lead magnets to work for you – you will need one that your target audience actually wants.

Ready to make your first lead magnet?

All you have to do is find something your audience wants and offer it in exchange for their email. If your blog is about Weight Loss, your lead magnet could be something like “5 Easy Ways To Lose 5 Pounds In Just 5 Weeks.”

Now, your lead magnet doesn’t have to be unique. It just has to be something your audience wants.

Here are a few ideas for lead magnets you can create today:

  • Repurpose a popular blog post into a Downloadable PDF file.
  • Create a bonus for your blog post that includes a few more bits of content.
  • Offer a free template or a cheat sheet.

Don’t know how to create a PDF?

Try Adobe

It’s a tool that will help you convert your web pages into a downloadable PDF file.

If you can’t offer a Lead Magnet, at least don’t use a generic offer like “Subscribe To My Email List.” Have a look at the previous section for ideas on how you can spice up your offer.

Not Using Popups

Most Bloggers hate popups. They think popups are obtrusive.

But here’s the deal:

They just work.

Popups are one of the best ways to convert your website visitors into subscribers. They work because they grab your visitor’s attention.

Instead of hoping your readers find the opt-in form in your sidebar, you can offer them a chance to opt-in as soon as they enter.

In addition to entry popups, you can double your conversion rate using exit-intent popups. An exit-intent popup only shows up when the visitor is about to leave.

Sounds like magic, right?

You can use an exit-intent popup to massively improve your conversion rates. One of the best ways to use exit-intent popups is to offer a lead magnet as an incentive to sign up.

Here’s an example of what I am talking about:

Be Your Own Boss

The above is an example of an exit-intent popup from Be Your Own Boss website. On this Website, BYOB displays this popup when the reader is about to leave.

This popup contains a lead magnet that their readers really want. The lead magnet is just a simple question.

Here are a few ideas for lead magnets you can offer in your exit-intent popups:

  • A downloadable PDF version of your post. It doesn’t need to be unique. All you have to do is convert your post into a basic PDF file.
  • Bonus content that is not included in your article. For example, if your article offers 15 tips, save 3 and package them into a PDF file.
  • A template or a spreadsheet that is related to your article or blog. For example, if you are in the fitness industry, you might offer a spreadsheet to help keep track of exercise or diet.

If you are interested in creating exit-intent popups on your own site, check out AddThis

Asking For Too Much Information

It’s a lot of work to fill a dozen fields just to sign up…

… and most people are too lazy to fill that many fields. At least I am.

Here’s an example of a really long opt-in form:

The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes Beginners Make

Can you see how many fields that opt-in form asks?

If you want to improve the conversion rate of your opt-in forms, only ask for the information that you really need. Remember, the more fields in your opt-in forms, the more people will resist signing up.

Here’s a good example of a minimal opt-in form:

The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes

As you can see, The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes only asks for the name and email.

The reason is simple, they don’t need any other details.

And neither do you.

If your opt-in form contains more than three fields, try removing as many fields as you can. Chances are most of the fields on your opt-in forms are redundant and you don’t even need them.

Remember, you can always add more details about a subscriber to your database in the future. Most email marketing tools allow you to add additional details about a subscriber both manually and automatically.

Not Building an Email List From The Beginning

This is a mistake a lot of internet marketers are guilty of making.

I myself didn’t start building my email list for quite a long time after I started my first blog. I lost thousands of potential subscribers just because of this fact.

Most bloggers believe they need a steady stream of thousands of visitors before they can start building an email list.

But that’s not right. You don’t need much traffic to start building an email list.

Start building your email list even if you are struggling to get even a hundred visitors to your blog. While it is true that in the beginning, you will only get just 2-3 subscribers a day, this number keeps on adding up.

If you are not building your email list from the start of your blogging journey, you are leaving hundreds of thousands of potential subscribers on the table who might later convert into customers.

The bottom line?

Start building your email list as soon as you start your blog.


All of these mistakes are easy to make. If you are making them on your own site, there’s still time to improve. It’s never too late.

Which of The Top 10 FATAL List Building Mistakes are you guilty of making?

Feel free to let me know in the comments.

Amazon Keeps Growing

Amazon Keeps Growing

So I was just reading up about some mind-blowing information you have to know…

In 2007, Amazon generated about $15 billion in revenue. (Wow!)

According to some new research by the team over at Amazing, Inc., this year Amazon will likely hit nearly $170 billion in revenue. (Bigger wow!)

That’s over 1,100% growth over the past 10 years (and Amazon keeps growing like this year-after-year).

This matters to you in a big way when thinking of developing an online business, here’s why:

People just like you and me are building incredible businesses from scratch with Amazon.

For example, one guy named Brandon Clark has built a $5 million per year business with Amazon from home while battling a chronic pain syndrome!

Pretty crazy, right?

Now here’s the really important part (pay close attention):

The guys who taught Brandon this business model and are behind a lot of the top sellers on Amazon have just let me know they’ve created a brand new FREE training series on how to build this business!

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Get signed up to access the free training video right now.

I’ve always been curious about generating digital revenue using Amazon so I’m signed up already and can’t wait to check out the video on Tuesday! 🙂


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Solomon Greenlee

Solomon Greenlee –
Specialty in Marketing & Team Building

Digital Entrepreneur & Member of Yoonla™

Amazon Keeps Growing

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Social Traffic for Your Business

I get it … you know social traffic for your business is important.

But perhaps you don’t know HOW GOOD IT CAN BE for your business.

Maybe you have, a YouTube channel, Email Marketing account, or Twitter profile and you’ve written a few things here and there.

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If so, I’d like to show you otherwise.

Social Traffic for Your Business

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And it will lead to new enquiries, new opportunities, new sales and new business. It will stop you chasing sale after sale, client after client.

I know people struggle with social media. Aside from just having the time to sit down and get it done, there are so many areas to consider and without guidance and instruction, it is difficult to know what’s right and what’s wrong.

So I’d personally like to offer you 3 products that will help you drive targeted, free traffic and convert that traffic to digital revenue with these 3 special and unique formulas. These products provide the space/time/guidance/inspiration to get myriads of social traffic for your business. Help change the course of your business by driving social traffic for your business on the social media map of the world. The right way!

Social Traffic for Your Business

Twitter Marketing Excellence People are on Twitter and part of conversations that they are interested in… If you can engage people interested in what you’re offering, you can profit like crazy.

Social Traffic for Your Business

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Social Traffic for Your Business

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Solomon Greenlee

Solomon Greenlee Specialty in Marketing & Team Building

Which Person are You in Life?

Which one are you in life?

Which person are you in life?

1. A person who lives life as it happens.

Life is not something that just happen. If you think your life is out of your control, it’s because you have chosen to give up your role as its designer, engineer and architect. Life is what you make of it, if it is not good, make it good, start now: start by making simple decisions and taking action, moving away from what you do not want and to what you want. Which person are you in life? If you do not know what you want, figure it out.

Self discovery: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ― Aristotle

Life and living it is all about the journey. For instance, when you know the answer to Which one are you?, you create new opportunities, have different experiences and create a the life you want.

Sitting back and letting things happen does not bring about quality of life, seek clarity.

No assessment isn’t going to provide immediate clarity and sense of purpose. Seeking it can be a daunting experience, and stressful if the solutions you seek do not happen when you think you need them.

There’s no better feeling than when it become clear that you have unblocked a blockage in your life. Those moments are blessings, be openly thankful.

Be curios, be open, explore, be ready to embrace the opportunities that come along in your life. Good attitudes help the self-discovery process, help gain clarity about your life’s purpose.

2. A person who lives their life by making something happen.

There are people who make things happen, there are people who watch things happen and there are people who wonder what happened. To be successful, we have to be people who make things happen. – Jim Lovell

We all fall in one of these groups or have vacillated between them and probably never wondered or asked ourselves why. In order for us to have the kind of life we desire, we have to be proactive in creating it.

People who make things happen seem to share certain admirable characteristics people in the other two groups lack. They are go-getters and know that if anything is to be, it’s really up to them.

The following are characteristics I have observed people in this group to have.

They are confident – They believe in themselves and their abilities, nothing is ever impossible to them. That person has tremendous self-esteem and usually don’t need others to validate them or show them their greatness.

They aren’t afraid to get their “hands dirty” – They do whatever it takes to accomplish their dreams. If they have to take up a second job so that they can save up to purchase their dream home, they do it. If they have to cut back on social activities so that they can pursue a college degree, they do it. Unlike most people, they are willing to make sacrifices even if it means being uncomfortable for a while.

They don’t talk, they DO – They have mastered the art of taking action and letting results speak for themselves. They have a plan which they usually work discretely. While others are busy talking about they want to do, they are usually busy DOING the things that need to be done.

They have a healthy sense of urgency – They don’t put off for tomorrow what they can accomplish today and don’t allow procrastination to rob them of opportunities.

A person who lives their life by making something happen doesn’t wait for opportunities to present themselves, they create them – You snooze, you lose is their mantra. He or she believes that some opportunities are hard to come by and don’t always present themselves; so this person will create opportunities where and when they see fit.

They are resilient – They don’t give up in the face of adversity. He or she may stumble and even fall but they don’t stay down for long. This person knows how to bounce back and don’t waste time and energy wallowing in self-pity.

They are consistent – They work their plan diligently even when it seems wiser to quit because results aren’t evident. He or she doesn’t get bored by repetition or rote routines. This person knows that as long as he/she keeps on sowing, they will eventually reap the harvest.

They eat, sleep and breathe their dreams – Their goals and dreams are always at the forefront of their minds, even when they aren’t actively pursuing or working on them, they constantly think about them and live their lives in alignment with them.

They never stop dreaming – No matter how much they accomplish, they never allow themselves to get too comfortable and content. This person forever seeks out ways to get to the next level and dream up new dreams.

They believe in the power of numbers – They have an accountability partner or belong to a mastermind group. This person understands the importance of networking with like-minded people who support their dreams, keep them motivated and ensure that they follow through on whatever they commit to do.

A person who lives their life by making something happen.

They value self-development and improvement – They always evaluate themselves and seek out ways to better themselves and become the kind of person they need to be to sustain their goals and dreams.

They set realistic goals – They understand that they should only bite what they can chew and are content achieving one goal before moving on to the next.

They face their fears head on – They feel the fear and do it anyway. He or she doesn’t allow fear to stand in the way of them pursuing their dreams no matter how real or big the fear is.

They see problems as challenges they can overcome – They are great at seeking solutions and eventually turning things around to work in their favor. If they can’t solve the problem themselves, they seek out those who can.

They have laser-like focus – They don’t allow themselves to get distracted by things that would likely jeopardize the fulfillment of their goals and dreams. They always keep their eyes on the prize.

These are characteristics we can all emulate in our pursuit to become people who make things happen.

3. A person who doesn’t make anything happen; just existing and withering away.

Some People Feel Like They Are Wealthy. I am not necessarily talking about the fact that they are rich with material things. Likewise, you might agree with me that some people do feel wealthy because they are wealthy. But there are some who feel wealthy because they have a good health; a good job; a happy home life; they are not really in need of anything. They have all they need to satisfy their life and they are happy just the way things are in their lives.

Some People Feel Like They Are Weary. They are weary because something hasn’t gone their way. Some feel weary because they have been on an emotional roller-coaster. Some have been beaten emotionally because of some criticism they have heard.

There are those who are so weary because of lack of rest. Some have found themselves restless because of some decision that they have to make. This leads to being very weary.

You may be surprised to hear that (3) Some People Feel Like They Are Withering. There is some one (only they know who their are) that is thinking their life isn’t worth much. You have determined there is no hope for you and your situation.

This is someone who thinks that they have reached a point in their life to where nobody has use for them anymore. They think that their life is beyond repair. They think that everybody has turned their back on them and left them all to theirself to make it on their own.

This person thinks that because they feel that their life is withering away, that there is basically nothing else to live for. As you can imagine they are not really enjoying life; they are just existing. They don’t want to live that way, but they have almost resigned to the fact that their life may never change.

Solomon Greenlee

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