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About Me Solomon Greenlee

I want to tell you a little about me: Solomon Greenlee. This is to help those who say they are not clever enough to learn how to Be Your Own Boss and start making a full time income from home.

I am now 44, was born in Philadelphia, PA aka Philly and have 2 brothers and three sisters.


About Me


My step-father worked a steady job to pay the bills, but needed some experience when it was about me, minding children and caretaking.

My mother was a hard worker eventually surpassing my stepfarthers income as a Computer Operating Supervisor at SEPTA Transit. At the time of typing this short excerpt, mother is retired and still mom, while my step-father is still clueless of minding and caretaking of children.

Now About Me.. 

I did not always attend school like I was suppose to and was told I would never amount to anything in life. In fact, when I graduated high school, instead of attending college with the scholarship I received, I left Philly altogether an enrolled in Job Corps. (At 44 I still push aside many opportunities). Conversely, I still am good on the practical side of creating opportunities for myself; as a matter of fact, I can still focus my mind on about anything and acheive the goals I set for myself.

Don’t let them beat you!

Two things can happen when it is drummed into you that you’re stupid and will not amount to anything. Especially when my family and friends laughed away from me when I said I was going to start earning money online.

  1. You will be discouraged and not pursue your dreams or ideas.
  2. Do something about it by asking the right people for help to get one task done at a time.

NEVER let anyone tell you, you are Thick, Stupid, to Old to Learn or will never amount to Anything.

Prove Yourself and them wrong and NEVER Quit or say Sorry  it’s NOT for me I just CAN’T do this.

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We will help you all the way.



About Me

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