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Astro Auctions have launched…and we’ve got an exclusive new badge just for our FIRST 5000 astronauts. Get to the new auctions index HERE and get onboard now to be of only 5000 affiliates who will ever sport this special, limited edition Astro badge! Hurry, before it’s too late! To qualify for this special new badge, simply be one of the first 5000 SFI affiliates to enter one of our new Astro Auctions. You do NOT have to win the
After nearly three years in development, we are delighted today to introduce our new auction platform, ASTRO! Astro is based on the popular silent auction model, but we’ve gone much, much further.  Indeed, in Astro, we’ve completely reimagined the online auction and built an amazing, totally new kind of auction that we think you’re going to LOVE participating in and marketing to the world. The quickest way to understand Astro is to compare it to
We recently completed our June 2018 Badge Quest drawing…and the following 40 SFI Affiliates will receive an equal share of the 100,000 Rewardical bounty pot. Congratulations to our drawing winners! Michal L., POLAND Olanrewaju G., NIGERIA Yogeeta D., BHUTAN Jadranka S., MACEDONIA Dirk V., BELGIUM Emmanuel A., GHANA Michelle V., SOUTH AFRICA Elizabeta P., MACEDONIA Al M., UNITED STATES Khurram H., CYPRUS Mirjana & Anamaria M., CROATIA Maimuna M., NIGERIA Folarin I., NIGERIA Zorica T.,
Effective later this week, we will be DOUBLING the number of CSAs that all new SFI sign-ups can receive! Instead of the current FIVE, new affiliates will now be able to grab TEN free CSAs, just for joining SFI! That’s not all.  By going EA within 48 hours, they can now add 56 additional CSAs (66 total). And if they do the Ultimate Smart Start (set up a 1500 VP Auto-Delivery for TCredits within 48 hours), they’ll now receive

New SFI Gateway!

Posted by Solomon Greenlee on July 10, 2018
Category: gateway, get rich quick, MARKETING, new, ngrq, no
We’ve just created a new SFI Gateway for everyone’s marketing arsenal! We call it the “No Get Rich Quick” or “NGRQ” Gateway.  We’ve created this Gateway for those who want to try to “filter out” non-serious prospects.  You know the one’s we’re talking about; people who actually believe that they can sign up for free, do nothing, and money’s just going to fall into their laps! “Get rich quick” or it’s cousin, “Success without effort,”
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