Congrats, Gloria D…our Step-It-Up September Contest Grand Prize Winner!

We have a winner! Congratulations Gloria D. from Pennsylvania–SFI’s bonus grand prize winner of the STEP-IT-UP SEPTEMBER (SIUS) contest!! Gloria won a whopping 10,000 business-boosting CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates), and she can begin earning Co-Sponsor Commissions on ALL these CSAs’ purchases right away!

But there were lots of other winners too! More than 2,000 up-and-coming SFI leaders added hundreds, even thousands, of CSAs to their organizations through the SUIS contest simply by attaining higher ranks by the end of September than they had in August. They too can begin earning commissions on all their CSAs’ purchases immediately.

Congratulations to ALL our winners in the STEP-IT-UP SEPTEMBER (SIUS) contest!

 View the original Step-It-Up September Contest announcement.

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Step-It-Up September Contest!  Win 13,000 CSAs!

September is historically the time of the year when growth kicks back in…and we want to take it to the maximum this year!  That’s why we’re announcing today our STEP-IT-UP SEPTEMBER contest!

The Step-It-Up September (SIUS) contest is going to award qualifiers up to 13,000 business-boosting CSAs (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)!

How?  Just step up your rank!  That is, attain a higher rank by the end of September than you had in August…and you’ll receive 500 CSAs.  It’s that easy!  But you don’t have to stop at 500.

  • Step up twice (e.g. from EA to STL), and you’ll receive 1000 CSAs!
  • Step up three times and you’ll receive 1500 CSAs!
  • Step up four times and you’ll receive 2000 CSAs!
  • Step up five times and you’ll receive 2500 CSAs!
  • Or, pull off the ultimate advancement (Affiliate to Diamond Team Leader), and you’ll receive a whopping 3000 CSAs!

In addition to the above, one lucky person will win a bonus grand prize of 10,000 CSAs!  To be entered in this drawing, simply step up your rank.  One step up gets you one entry, two steps up gets you two entries, three steps up gets your three entries, and so on.

Important Note: Should the SIUS contest exceed our best expectations and run us out of unassigned CSAs, fulfillment will be paused until additional, new CSAs can be acquired. Regardless, you will receive all CSAs qualified for.

Q: Who is eligible for the Step-It-Up September contest?
All SFI affiliates who joined SFI on or before September 12, 2018.

Q: How soon will I receive my CSAs after advancing my rank?
They’ll typically appear in your Genealogy within a few hours.

Q: How soon will I be able to earn commissions on my new CSAs?
As soon as they appear in your Genealogy, you’ll immediately be eligible to start earning Co-Sponsor Commissions.

Q: For this contest, does the month of September include the order back-dating period of the first 8 days of October?

Q: What if I was a Silver Team Leader earlier in the year, but in August I was only an Executive Affiliate?  Would I qualify if I advanced to Bronze Team Leader by the end of September?
Yes, advancing from EA in August to BTL in September would qualify you for 500 CSAs.

Q: Should I tell my team about this special promotion?
ABSOLUTELY!  This is a fantastic opportunity to create excitement, growth, and momentum in your team!  Do everything you can to make sure you’ve got as many team members as possible working to step up their rank by the end of the month.  And make sure you’re making yourself available to provide assistance, support, and motivation.  Speaking of which, you may want to consider running your own parallel contest (same advancement rules and deadline) but with your own prizes added to sweeten the pot and really get your group engaged and energized!

Q: Are the CSAs I will receive new or Second Home CSAs?
All CSAs are CSAs that have never been assigned a co-sponsor or only have 1-3 assigned co-sponsors currently.

Q: People who joined SFI in September don’t have a status for August because they hadn’t joined SFI yet.  So how does that work?
For persons who joined SFI in September, we’ll consider their rank for August as Affiliate.

Q: What if I’ve already advanced my rank from August to now?
Congratulations, 500 CSAs will be appearing in your Genealogy momentarily!

Q: When will the winner of the grand prize of 10,000 CSAs be drawn and awarded?
The grand prize will be awarded on or about October 10th after commissions for September have been processed.

Head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers now.

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5 new Astro Auction badges released!

Great news for Astro Auction fans and Badge Questers! We’ve just released FIVE new badges for our new auction program:

Rocket Box badge: You earn this badge upon winning your first Astro Auction Rocket Box jackpot. Each additional Rocket Box win will be reflected in the badge counter. Win 10 Rocket Box jackpots for bronze badge trim, win 25 for silver trim, and get gold badge trim for 50 wins.

Supernova badge: You earn this badge upon winning your first Supernova jackpot. Each additional win is reflected in the badge counter. Win the Supernova 5 times to get bronze badge trim, 20 times for silver trim, and 40 times to get gold badge trim.

Quantum badge: You earn this badge upon winning your first Astro Auction Quantum prize. Each additional win is reflected in the badge counter. Win 3 Quantum prizes for bronze trim, win 10 prized for silver trim, and win 20 Quantum prizes for gold badge trim.

Pick The Bid badge: You earn this badge upon winning your first Astro Auction Pick The Bid contest. Each additional win is reflected in the badge counter. Win 10 Pick The Bid contests to get bronze badge trim, win 25 times for silver trim, and in 50 times to get gold badge trim.

Frequent Flyer badge: Frequent Flyer badge which is based on the number of Astro Auctions you’ve entered. Get a basic badge after 50 completed Astro Auction flights. Earn bronze trim for 250 flights, silver trim for 500 flights, and gold badge trim for 1,000 flights.

With the addition of these badges, there are now 7 total Astro Auction badges you can earn! Tip: For Badge Quest point values, just click the Astro Auction badges now available on your BADGES tab at the Affiliate Center.

Learn more about Astro Auctions HERE. Win prizes in every auction!

DISCUSS IT!  Log in at the SFI Affiliate Center, then head over to the FORUM–to the SFI NEWS DISCUSSIONS section–to discuss this announcement with your fellow SFI’ers.

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