All things, both beneficial and and not so beneficial, come to an end.

It’s a fact of life we repeatedly ignore. We spend each day as if we have an eternity to do the things we have always wanted to do.

Why overcome or confront our fears when we have forever to do so? Why take steps to improve our livelyhood today when we have so many tomorrows?

And this delusional thinking ensures the majority of people in the world settle for less than what they really want. It entrenches people into putting off their goals and dreams until time runs out.

And the end result? People live their entire lives far below their potential.


If you change nothing about your daily routine, will you ever achieve your goals and dreams?

Think about it. Really think about it. If you continue down the exact same path you’re now on,
will you end up where you want to be?

This is such a powerful question because it takes the myth of ‘someday’ out of the picture.
It puts the truth right in your face – if you don’t do something about your goals now, you most likely never will.

“Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.”
-Napoleon Hill

Although, OUR TIME IS LIMITED there are two things we can do Right Now to change our daily routine

So what do we do with this information? Well, the first thing is to realize nobody will ever achieve their goals and dreams, never live the life they have imagined, if we don’t start taking action right now.

Since OUR TIME IS LIMITED we should want to do something too improve ourselves Today not wait until tomorrow

It’s a wake up call as well as a call to action.

The second thing to do is cause a change. Routine will run its course if we let it, so it’s up to us to put a stop to the pattern and start to shake things up.

Think of just one thing you can do today that will bring you a step closer to your goal. And when you have got it, do it.

Giving ourself target dates and deadlines “causes” us to do tasks with speed and efficiency,  so we can complete them in more of a timely manner. Even though we may not be doing it for someone else who has given us a deadline, we still need to provide ourself with our own “timeline” so as not to “drag our feet” in getting something done. Tasks of a high priority, but low urgency, fall into this “category.” We tend to always get the “urgent” done quickly … but all-too-often postpone the “non-urgent” indefinitely, even though their priority may be high(!) One example of this is starting a personal exercise program. Not starting today will not reap any ill effects in the near future, and therefore, is not “urgent” … however, the best time to start such a program IS today. Such is the priority we should place on our physical health.

Ask yourself, “What are my highest priority interests/tasks? Am I making sure they happen by apointing a certain amonut of time for them?” … Also take note: “The time it takes to do a task tends to expand (or contract) to the amount of time allotted for it.”

“Things may come to those who wait,
but only the things left by those who hustle.”
— Abraham Lincoln


Everyone wants to be successful…

Everyone wants to be successful …until it’s time to do what successful people do.



What is a recipe?

Ever followed a recipe?

If 2, 6, 10, or 100 people follow the same recipe, will they get the same results?

(Hint: IF they follow it precisely)


1. Decide what you want (dreams/desires/goals)

2. Determine needed resources (knowledge/people/equipment/etc.)

3. Determine the steps to take (plans/to do lists)    (http://byob.wtgmsac.com/)

(“By the mile, its a trial; by the yard, its hard; by the inch, a cinch!”)

4. Set up a time-table (calendar/schedule)

5. What do I need to do Today? … First? Second? … morning? afternoon? evening?

6. Visualize the day in your mind, doing each task, one-after-the-other.

7. Take ACTION! (Start … “act out” what you visualized)

(There’s not enough time to do everything; but plenty to do the most important things! — You must decide)


Your mind is an automatic goal-striving “mechanism”(Psycho Cybernetics, by Maxwell Maltz)

When consistently/routinely focusing on a goal, the mind will automatically “work out” the “path” to it

Long Range Goals provide DIRECTION

Short Range Goals provide MOTIVATION   (go to https://wtgmsac.com/my-sfi-7-day-repeat-success-plan/day-zero/)

Goal Completion instills SELF-CONFIDENCE (Success breeds Success)

Focusing on goals/plans must be a daily routine … especially at the start of each day
At the end of the day, review progress and feel the “exhilaration” of small successes!


This will include what you want to become, do, have, where you want to go, people you want to know/get close to, habits you desire. Share a few ofthese with somebody (if you so choose)! This list can/ should be organized into categories (family, physical, educational, spiritual, financial, social,career, etc.)

Write your Life Story 

1. Write your Life Story (pretend you are at the end of your life and you have accomplished all your desires. Write down a “history” of what you did and how/when you did it (and, perhaps, who you did it with)!

2. Select a specific goal (or set of goals) that you can/will complete in one week. This can be a step goal or series of step goals toward a major goal.

3. Take action during the coming week to complete this goal/these goals!

4. Be prepared to share portions of your life story and the goal(s) you accomplished (if you so choose)! Have FUN in fulfilling these assignments. No one is going to “make” you do them. Your success in life rests solely on YOUR shoulders! (“If it is to be, it is up to me!”)

Why Share Your Life Story?!

Probability of Implementation:

1. Hear an idea that you like (10%)

2. Consciously decide to adopt the idea (25%)

3. Decide when you will do it (40%)

4. Plan how you will do it (50%)

5. Commit to someone else that you will do it (65%)

6. Have a specific future appointment with the person you committed to, at which time you will report to him/her whether you have done it. (95%)   (“This above all: to thine own self be true …”, Shakespeare [Hamlet]) (administrator@wtgmsac.com)


Share Your Life Story

1. Life Story (all or portions, depending on length)

2. Goal(s) Accomplished (how you did them, and any feelings you’d like to share about achieving them) This reporting is voluntary … someone wants to hear about your successes (& celebrate together)!


Everyone wants to be successful

1. Visualization (get/display pictures of your goals)

2. Affirmations (for each picture/goal) (ex: “I am a great violinist. I play for large audiences.”)

3. Feel the Emotion (imagine/feel the emotion you would at the time each goal is being fulfilled!) from the list of BYOB Free eBooks Online, go to http://byob.wtgmsac.com/free-books-online/#.Wj-B1VSnE2w 

ONE GOAL – Start Building Your Business ( … UNDECIDED?)

Review the article, “Affiliate Marketing Ideas” (http://buildabizonline.com/ht45)

Sometimes in life all you need to be more successful is a little extra helping hand, another piece of the puzzle, a quick word or advice, or a great tip.

Check out the list of BYOB Free eBooks Online (click this link http://byob.wtgmsac.com/free-books-online/#.Wj-B1VSnE2w  for a few ways that will help you determine your interests & related business possibilities)



The greatest “tool” to assist you in your journey of success* is a gift given to you free – your mind! USE it, and it will serve you well! Also realize – love is the greatest power in the universe. Do something nice for others … and they will bend over backwards to “return the favor!” (i.e. the “Golden Rule”)

Everyone wants to be successful

* Indeed, success is a journey, not just a destination. It is a “mode of travel” … a daily habit!

1. “Life’s Filled with Possibilities,” “Risks,” “Comfort Zones”

2. “Focus” (the underlying purpose of this post … to assist your focus)

3. List of Possible Business Ideas, Interests, Hobbies

4. A little extra helping hand, another piece of the puzzle, a quick word or advice, or a great tip

5. “Affiliate Marketing Ideas”


Looking for a New Job? Stop!

Be Your Own Boss (BYOB)

Build Your Business Not Somebody Else’s…


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